The garden is in…..

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I am so excited to announce that the garden has made its arrival and it is looking great! I have to get some dirt for the Herb garden, and still have a small amount of seeds left to plant and the melons still need to go in the ground. But that will happen today. Now the fun part begins with watching them all grow up so pretty and eating the yummy that they give us.

The kids helped me get it all lined out yesterday as I threw my back out trying to do it alone. It was awesome to spend that time with the kids and have them be apart of our food. the fruit will mean more to them now when they eat. Because they will know where it came from.


Vegetable Garden road blocks

It has been a few days since I have been able to blog. There have been a few road blocks….. I had a small mini vacation with my mother in law and my sister in law. And this weather and mechanical issues with the tiller have all interfered with me getting my garden going. BUT….. now the garden is tilled and I was headed out today to make rows and get to planting when of course it had to rain again!! Hopefully I can still get some thing done for my poor garden today.

But in the mean time we can always explore more ideas for our garden. I am off to do that now and will return with a wonderful list for you all.

Southern Sunday In The South….. Garden Planning

Today is going to be a true southern Sunday in the France house. We woke up late, kids are still asleep…. we are being lazy…. because of a late Saturday night with friends…….And the only thing I plan to do today…. is what ever crosses my mind and my body agrees… other wise, it’s lazy day!!

I will how ever take advantage of the down time and plan out the lay out of the garden since it will be going in this week. It is the last week I can plant and hope for a good harvest.

When you plan out your garden there are a few things you want to keep in mind. One being the spacing of your plants. This is the most important so you know how big or how small to plant your garden and keep in mind what plants that you plant will need space for some thing to grown on. Tomatoes need some kind of support or cage around them, and cucumbers need something to grown on. Keeping your squash in tomato cages will save space in your garden as well and make them easier to harvest as well. All of these plants require that you space them a specific amount of space between them and some plants grow and produce better if you plant them next to each other. I have included some handy websites that will help you with the companion planting…

once you have your space and companions then you can plan out the perfect garden.

there are a few other things to keep in mind, such as how easy you  make each plant to access. And how easy you make keeping weeds out of your vegie plants…… taking care of your plants after you plant them is very important. It takes time and dedication. Or you will waste more than you harvest. I will also include some diy garden plans that I found helpful over the years.

Now go have a great day panning your garden.

I hope these help you as much as they did me….

My Grandfather Who Lingers Still


At breakfast he sits just across

from the coffee cups and pats of butter,

elbows propped on either side of an empty

placemat while I flip through a magazine.


And then I am winding down with the

sun that hugs me through our bay window,

while he is swaying hello from the maple tree

with the shade that falls in and out like an eager child.


He turns down the bed and tells me

the same story of his childhood while I

brush my teeth and close the curtains,

routinely kiss the photo of him on the nightstand.


He touches my face, my grandfather

who lingers still, and I don’t feel it but I can.  

Either way there is a warmth I can’t explain;

he leaves me love letters in my dreams.

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Boiling Water weeding

Last evening I spent pouring 5 pots of boiling water on the weeds in my front flower bed. It rained shortly after so I am not sure it worked yet. and it’s still raining so I will find out as soon as I can from the porch it seems to have browned them and they are for sure laying down. so I am hoping to be able to walk out there and just pluck them roots and all from the ground and magically have a pretty bed to put some pretty flowers. Do you think it will work that way? haha I am hoping…..

I am not quite sure what to plant up front just yet, I am thinking hostas and some room for some pretty low lying flowers also. But I am going to do some research and a lay out today. I waited to late for most seeds but my vegetable garden took priority this year with the pocket book being as it is. and by the time I am ready to plant in the flower beds I can get the discounted plants from the nursery’s and garden centers.

now I am off to get some gardening done. I will take any ides on flowers for the front to. it is the walk way to my front door so nothing that draws bees or attacks bugs of any kind. and low lying is best so I can show case my porch.