Bathroom update #3

brooke hamilton blog

The final update…for now! As far as I’m concerned, our bathroom remodel is complete!! In my last update we had just finished grouting the shower tile and next on our list was to…

  • Caulk all corners of shower (and tops of base boards)
  • Install baseboards
  • Paint baseboards and touch up wall paint
  • Replace toilet!
  • Install glass shower wall(we’ll be hiring out for this) More on this in a bit…

We finished most of these tasks the next day after my last post, but I’m just now getting around to writing the update. We’ve been able to use the shower since February, which has been an absolute joy! Having 1 bathroom in the house was really tough! I finally found some new bathroom mats, which completes the bathroom remodel. I still would like to hang some cute prints, or something on the wall, I just haven’t found anything that I am…

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