Easter Weekend

What are your favorite memories of easter  as a child? And what are your plans for easter this year?

Growing up in a pentecostal home, easter meant celebrating the rise of jesus our lord.

we spent weeks finding the perfect out fit to wear, complete w shoes, hat, and hand bags for the ladies. Everything had to be perfect for that day. we always had a wonderful time at church the easter bunny was always there throwing candy off the roof. and after we spent the morning at church with all the activities we would go to grandmas for a big easter lunch w the family, the whole family was there on this day. we would hunt eggs after a huge meal, and then play in the yard with our cousins. we would then go home for a sunday afternoon nap, that was always welcome on this day because we had played so hard. We would then wake up and go to sunday night service at church. then our day was complete and we had celebrated the rise of the lord with a wonderful day. and we for sure knew what easter was all about, because we where tought that our whole lives.

After growing up and having kids of my own, i keep the tradition of church and dressing up, easter baskets full of goodies and egg hunts and grandmas in the yard. and this year I hope to start that same wonderful tradition with my grand-daughter.

The story of easter is beautiful, it signals new beginnings and a promise of a better life waiting for you when you believe.

I hope this easter finds you all happy and celebrating with family and loved ones in the rise of the lord our God.

He is Risen, He is risen indeed.

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