Hello World!

Trying to find my way in the blog world…

I am sure these first few post will have some hint of “newbee” lol but I hope it only gets better from here.

My whole purpose for this blog is to connect with woman of today who are expected to “do it all” despite the crazy time warp we all live in now.

I want to address issues, and learn, and teach and I hope to do it all from this blog. Now where should we start? a little late for easter…. so lets skip to the spring planting of gardens and flowers and out door activities. I am currently getting ready to get the vegetables in the ground next week, I never plant my vegetble garden out doors until after easter. it has been a few years since I have done a garden so I am ready to get back into it. Lets share some tips shall we? what does everyone like to plant? and what are your tips on making them produce the best?


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