Gardening has started Quick start seeds today.

the seeds are separated, and sorted. I know where everything is going and I know what has to be done today…. and that is get the indoor seeds started on there quick sprout process. I must say this is the first time I am trying this method, and hope I do not mess up my seeds…..

The formula I have chosen is the inexpensive route of course, baggies and paper towels. moisten your paper towels, fold them in a square and lay your seeds on the inside flap. Seal the baggies and place in a warm bright spot.

I staple or tape my seed package to the bag, or you can label w marker. for organization purposes.

most seeds will sprout with in 24 hours, others take a few days, but when you see a root start on your seed the can be placed in your started boxes at that point, I again, go the economic route and choose egg cartons, toilet paper rolls and news paper pods to start my plants. tin cans work as well. i will mix tea from used tea bags and egg shells in with my soil I find it helps with the grow process. so now that is the main mission for the after noon. Put on a pot of beans w the left over Easter ham and get to making some seed bags. happy seed sprouting

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