It’s garden week!

Good morning! I woke up ready to get this week of planning and planting started. To be honest I am late on getting started this year because of financing so I will have to try my hand this year at the fast seed sprouting method on some of my plants, so that will be a topic we will be following.

Today being the day after Easter and running and company…. the house must recover first. I can’t even think clearly until the house is clean for the day. And ready for the week ahead. Mondays are busy with planning in the mornings and productive afternoons for me. And of course it is a slow start day…. after all it is Monday…

Now to get to the gardening part. The best method I have found that works for me…

I make a list of what I want in and out of my garden. And go on the hunt for seeds. I find it more full-filling to grow from seeds for me. Starts and small plants work just as well  if not better for some, I just prefer the seed method. A lot of seeds must be started in doors weeks before you transplant them to your garden spot. once I have gathered all I want to put in my garden I next plan where my garden will be, I till the ground, some do raised beds, But my garden spot is the same spot that my grand mother planted her garden and it is a special meaning behind it. I am a little sentimental lol

now that the seeds are here and I know my spot, I need to do a fast sprout on my seeds because of my delay starting them in doors. and get my herbs planted since I am doing the tin can method with them this year… another one we will be following to see how this method works.

I will also do research on what plants need to be planted next to each other for protection from pest and best growth and yield out of each of my plants. I will then make a layout of my garden on paper so I know what I have going on and where it is. Keeping records on your garden is always a good idea because you can refer to it year after year and know where to improve, what to add too and take away from you garden that year and so on.

and now the work begins! If you would like to take this journey of planting a vegetable garden with me then jump on board.We will learn and explore this world together.


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