Good morning fellow gardeners!! The seeds are all in baggies and hanging in my kitchen window and all in the window seals. r You will find it hard to be youre normal neat freak self, if you are like me… because you have seeds all over the place, and I save my tea bags and egg shells as I said before to mix in with my soil, so the are hanging out every where drying and then there is the tin cans, and coffee cans hanging out with the egg cartons and toilet paper rolls lying around…. it gets a little hectic for a ocd person. But the good news is…. the planting is therapeutic for ocd.

today you may have some seeds that already have a root or start, some will put  sprout in one day, others can take as long as 3 days. once the sprout put them in soil, and you have your seed started, follow the germination guide on the back of the package of the seed, and they will be ready for transplant in a few weeks. 

Today will be about getting what I call replant going…. such as Garlic and potatoes, celery, scallions, sweet potatoes. all of these you can start from the plant. these plants will reproduce themselves with very little work from you. 

garlic separate the cloves of garlic put the small end up and plant… that easy… not very deep and do the same from one that you yield.

potatoes there are several methods you can use with potatoes i use the eye method. Let your potato get eyes on it. cut it into equal parts with eyes on each section set aside and let dry for a couple of days, and plant.

celery cut the but of the celery stalk off and submerge the bottom in water, leaving the top exposed. Spray the top with water every couple of days until your plant starts to leaf… 

Sccallons- just as easy as the rest… cut the bottoms with the roots, place in a small glass container and add a small amount of water, change the water every couple of days until you have plants, cut and repeat to keep a fresh stalk around at all times. 

Sweet potatoes  I cut these and put in water until the sprout and then plant, like to potatoes. 

It’s rather easy for us to save a dollar on our grocery bill by growing our own food,and becoming  more self reliant. it does take a small amount of work, but that is what makes the end result so much better! i will be sure and let you all know how todays planting turns out, until later… happy planting 🙂


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