Anxiety Interruption!

Well yesterday came with issues that triggered my anxiety, and I completely lost the whole day, despite my best efforts to  move past it. Those of you who suffer from this know how easy that is when a trigger happens. All I wanted to do was lay around and sleep yesterday, and cry a lot of course. I don’t even want to go into what the trigger was because this one I am extremely ashamed I have, and ashamed that it is triggered so much in my life now days. The point being I lost a day of planting that I will have to make up for today.

I wanted to blog about it because so many suffer from this, and all to often we are told that we are being ridiculous or childish and the trigger is never realized by our loved ones and the people around us. I have always wanted to help others in some way that suffer from this problem, and if this blog reaches just one person and makes them feel like they are not alone in the fight with anxiety, I can be happy I created this blog.

now I will try again today to get started with the gardening, the sun is shinning for now, and that helps. So off I go to over come some anxiety and get back on track with the gardening week. Sorry for the interruption friends… It happens with  me at times.

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