Our little seeds that we planted for quick sprout are now busting open and ready for some dirt. This is the messy fun part of gardening, well one of them. I have chose to gather and recycle house hold goods for my seedlings this year, the more cost savvy way.I am using tin cans and egg cartons and flats, toilet paper rolls and you can even use news paper rolled up to make little seed pods for your seedlings.I use tea, coffee grounds that have been used already, and egg shells to make my soil more nutritious for the little seedlings.

It is very important to follow the directions for each seed on how to sow them properly. some require deeper depths and wetter soil than others. and labeling and staying organized so you know what is where is very important at this stage

after you have them all planted and cozy in there second home, place them in a window seal so they can get the light and heat that they need to grow strong for there last home, the garden.

Now is when you need to really start saving all your milk jugs and plastic jugs such as milk jugs, they will be your last layer of defense for your seedlings when they get to the garden. and they also act like little green houses. You cut the milk jugs in half and set the top half over your plant when you place in the garden, after watering of course. This protects your new transplant from winds and hard rains that come with spring and early summer. once they mature to the size of the jug you can remove it. But we can delve into this deeper at that time.

Some people may wonder in this fast past world we live in how does anyone have time to have a garden or grow your own food. Its just to much work when I can go buy it. And there are organic food stores as well.

My answer to this is simply now days…. God put us on this earth to partake of the seeds of the land, and to be more self reliant on our own selves that what man kind has become today. I to had fallen victim to the work 40+ hrs a week for someone else, only to make a pay check that they kept half of. And because I am a woman with no collage degree… well I wasn’t making much to start with. I was having even more health issues than I already had, and it was not a good environment for someone who suffers from stress and anxiety disorders any way.Well it came down to the Doc said it was less stress or I was just killing myself. So I decided I like living, A LOT…. so I needed to work on some major life changes. And eating better and occupying my time more wisely was on the top of the list. Obviously with out my pay check and all of our children still home, we needed to save some money and still be able to feed our heard. So a garden is a great way for all of that to happen. saves money on food, its therapeutic for me to work because I love it, and it feeds my kids. I can even sell some produce to bring in an extra dollar or two. Its a win win all the way around. And something that we should all be more into in this day and age. At some point our surviaval skills may be needed, and you always need to know how to feed your self….I have rambled on today, but I hope you enjoy Gardening as much as I do. Soon we will get off into other topics when I become more familiar with this blogging thing. Have a wonderful day friends.


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