My Mom Story

2015! Wow how did I get here? Seems like just yesterday I was 16 and knew everything, and MY parents where the ones who knew NOTHING! I couldn’t wait to get out on my own and start my own family. Because I was going to do it so much better than my parents did!!!

Long story short… by the time I was 19 I found myself married and pregnant. And miles away from my mom or any of my family to share it with. And then the tragedy that happens to a lot of first pregnancies… we lost our first baby. Our second and third try was no more successful and it was taking its toil on me. God smiled on us in 1995 and I carried to term and then some, a very healthy baby boy!! 8lbs 3oz 211/2 inch long, head full of hair and as perfect as an angel could get!  He was born at 4:21 pm on 8/14/1995. My life changed forever that day. My heart could almost not hold all the love I had for this little angel. and my life at this point seemed so complete. We where so happy and had him dedicated back to the lord in church and life could not seem to get better for us. Mom and daddy had helped us get a nice apartment… life was great until Craig was about 6 weeks old and his father found out that he just had not lived yet and we where divorced. My heart was broken, I had failed my child, and lost his family. I did not think life at that time could get any worst. Then I talked to a lot of ladies who where single and raising there kids on there own, and I got a new fire in my gut. I could do this. and I did for the next two years. Now granted I was blessed with the most wonderful parents who helped me more than I could ever repay them.. I lived with them, they helped me when I needed it and helped me raise my little bundle of joy for two years. It was great for them being as he was their first grand baby, they was loving it.

Then I meet the next prince charming….we had a whirlwind romance and was married with in a year and pregnant I was ready for a baby and still longing for the fairy tail family. And I had always wanted my kids to be born 3 years apart just like me and my brother where because we got a long so well growing up. And I was running out of time to do that. so now we where expecting my second child and I got what I wanted…my girl, I had always wanted my boy first and my girl second so he could look out for his little sister.

on 11/6/1998 at 11:21 my 8lb 2 oz 20 inch long baby girl was born! Buttons and bows I was so happy I had my world completed. I now had my boy and my girl and my perfect little family. Life was good again. Until it wasn’t!

once again I found myself on my own and raising 2 children now and not 1! BUT once again I pulled it off for a year or two until prince charming number 3 came along…….. starting to see a pattern yet???? we had no children together just his and mine combined and we had a productive life until we let life take over, and that ended 10 years later! and here I was with two young children again alone. by this point I was so ashamed that I had put my kids threw all of this and they had not gotten the chance to experience a whole family. we had moved and lost our home so many times and ended up right back at my moms every time. I was very disappointed in my self by this point in my life. My kids had no experienced things I never had to, and I was not ok with this, but not much I could do but try my best to make their life as simply as possible at this point. And I did the best I could and they always seemed happy and we was a team that no one could break.

I married again, we had his and mine and it this point our boys who where just one month to the day apart where just coming into there teenage years. and little did I know what I was in for! At this point is where I knew just how bad I had treated my parents growing up and this was my payback for sure! Two boys, same time, know it all and the only thing that could come out of there mouth was to smart off and argue with me. They where some ruff years. They both quite School and got into trouble and stressed me out beyond all means. Running off trying to be men before their time. It was a ruff few years to say the least. and of course they both played the move in with the other parent card, because kids of this generation had the option to play parents against each other and that is how they managed to become even more spoiled and self entitled than ever before. The struggles of raising teenagers and changing hormones and the crazy world we live in had caused my husband and I to separate several kids where here there and every where and growing up

and then one day I got the call…….. MOM SHE IS PREGNANT! My world changed again,but it brought my son home and ready to be daddy, for a short time. Then him and his girl started having issues and true to what he had seen his whole life, his fight or flight kicked in and he took flight again. once again my son was in another state, my step son of course always left with his dad so I had went from 3 kids and a husband to it was just me and my baby girl for a year and a half. I learned so much in this time of my life. By this time my father had known that I needed my own home to be stable because the men I was chossing where not giving that to me. and so when my grand father passed he gave me there home. I grew up with my grand parents living here and my grand father built it and I am surrounded by family. even tho my son had grown up and runnin off and my husband and step son where gone. I had the peace of mind knowing I was going to be ok. My son soon seen that it was not all it was cracked up to be out on his own and he came home, shortly after my husband and I reconciled and he came back home. My step son how ever was not yet willing to come back just yet. He stayed with his mom and friends for a little while longer. I now get to see my grand daughter she is almost 2 and the light of our lives. The boys both found out that its better at home, and at 19 are back home and now getting their world on track a little at a time. both driving now and owning there own rides and it just amazes me!

Our new world now is my daughter is now 16!!!!!!! God help us! Thank God she is the last teenager we have to raise because Girls are so much worst than boys to make it threw the teenage years with. as you all may very well know already and if you don’t….. just hold on to your seat…. cus the hormones alone are enough to make you crazy… not to mention how much more they cost!

this is my story on how I became a mom of 3 now almost grown kids!

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