How to Pick and Buy the Perfect Plant

DIY April

garden3I’m ready to get serious about planting herbs and other plants around my home.

I’m a little wary to spend the money and want to make sure I’m getting the most bang for my buck.

I haven’t had much luck planting plants and, frankly am tired of funneling money into the green thumb cause.

Normally I’d buy something at whatever big box store I happened to shop at and have to throw it out in months.

That is, until last year when I bought several plants from a nursery. I was totally prepared for the plants to fail, but they wouldn’t die.

I live in Oklahoma, so in just a few months those plants survived a drought AND flooding. Plus, I placed the plants in a part of the yard where nothing else would grow. It was just dirt.

What the hell happened? Was it where I bought the plants?…

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