Is That Any Way to Treat A Lady?


For 22 years, maybe longer than that, she gave him whatever he wanted, whatever it took to make him happy. She thought, that for the little bit of time he spent with her, she gave him an escape and therefor, some sense of happiness.

She never wanted to get married herself, so fooling around with a married man was no big deal. She had dreams beyond being a breeder. She knew she didn’t have the selflessness required to be a parent and didn’t want to be strapped down with kids. She wanted to soar and she didn’t want to date. The situation worked out rather well. They only got together once every month or two. It was fine.
He groused that once he “put a ring on it,” his wife never gave him blow jobs any more, so she did. She figured, one day, he’d reciprocate. He never did. Not…

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