Your First weekend in the yard for spring….

I am once again excited about what is to come this weekend. Its time for me to mow the yard for the first time! I know some people look at this as work, or a science of growing the perfect grass….. I however……….. lean more to the hippie side of love what God gave us, and I enjoy mowing so much because it makes the yard all pretty and groomed. Even when it is just common grass that has grown on its own for years in the yard.

Mowing is like my zin time. I love mowing and always have. I used to fight with my brother over who got the biggest side of the yard to mow. anyway…. This weekend is the first time I will mow my yard because I always wait until it goes to seed to mow for the first time of the season. This way my grass comes back thicker and prettier during that year. I plant no grass seed, and I don’t “feed” my lawn. God does that for me..

My wisteria has bloomed and the daffodils are finished with there blooms so I can mow and weed eat and get the yard ready for the summer. I will be tilling the garden and getting it ready for my little seedlings and plants, My son made me a raised be this year for my… unexpected and sweet! Today the plane is to get out in the yard, pick up all the fallen limbs and debris from the yard. so the mower does not make not make confetti out of the trash and I don’t dull my blades on the tree limbs that have fallen and the rocks that my yard tends to grown in the winter!

I also need to get in the flower beds and get what I want out of them done today, and get the grass from right around the beds so that when I weed eat all the grass clippings don’t go in the flower beds causing me more weeding threw  out the summer.  There are a couple of things I want to take out of the beds and move this year, now is the time to make those decisions.

after I get the yard mowed I have to map out where I want the garden so that my son can till it for me, the tiller tends to throw me a around a bit. then it will be time to make the rows the old fashioned hard way with a hoe!!!

We will get into that more when that day comes. But as for today, its time to tend to seeds and plant some new ones I just could not resist getting while I was in town yesterday! its like and addiction for me… cant walk past a package of seeds or a plant start…. and if I am productive enough I may pressure wash the house so it will look as good as the yard when I am done. happy planting my friends!!! and happy Friday!

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