A Room with A View….

Every since my late 30’s I have found myself more comfortable hanging out in my room. I have a t.v. in my room, a bathroom, all my personal things around me, and I am alone with my thoughts. I have great ties with my home, my grand father built it, and this is where they lived my whole life. I inherited the home after they both passed away, and I am so happy to have been blessed to live here and care for my grandfather in his last days. He shared so many happy memories of his with me, to add to my own of this wonderful home.

A long with all the things wonderful about my room I already listed…. My favorite thing is looking out my window and every time it takes me back to a simpler life, and a wonderful memory. No matter what is going on in my life, I can look out this window and have a happy thought.

I was always very close with my Grand parents. When I was very young we lived right them, on this very land.

Every Sunday my whole life growing up after church was lunch at Grandma’s. Every Holiday was spent in some way at Grandmas. I was the first grand child so I was just a little spoiled to say the least by my grand parents. My brother and I would spend every other weekend with our grand parents and I couldn’t wait for those weekends! We would wake up on Saturday morning to an amazing breakfast and CARTOONS!!!!!!! We grew up Pentecostal so we did not have a t.v at home, and watching cartoons at grandmas was just amazing to my brother and I.

Today’s sweet memory as I look out my window and see the view is the world coming alive, the trees are blooming, and the grass is all green. The birds are singing…. Takes me back to one of the last days I spent with my grand father.

It was one of the last few nights he spent in this very room, I had come in to get him up and ready for the day. He was already awake and sitting on the side of the bed just smiling so big, and he was so happy, he said ” good morning”. Now this man was passing away from kidney failure, so he did not normally wake up in such a great mood…. So I asked him what he was so happy about this morning. I will never forget a word of his response to me that morning.

He said “sissy” that’s what he always called me. ” I saw Jesus last night!!” and his smile just lite up the room when he said those words.” I said you did?” He said “YES, and Heaven is beautiful!”  You could see in his eyes that his mind was picturing the vision all over again. And for the first time in a few days he  looked so happy not in pain or worried.

So I asked him what Heaven looked like? By this time my husband had joined me to help me get him dressed and to the breakfast table as grandpa was telling me about this vision that he had experienced.

His response to what Heaven looked like was this….

” It was so beautiful sissy, I just can’t describe to you how perfect it was. It looked just like those woods across the road. Full of pretty trees and it was all such a pretty green. But everything was like jell-o! if you tried to touch it your hand just went right threw it. Your grandma was there and she was happy and not sick, she even had all her hair back! ( my grand mother passed from cancer, and loosing her hair was one of her biggest hurdles) She looked just as beautiful as Heaven was sissy. I sat on Jesus’s lap, and we talked for 45 mins! And now I am not worried about anything. He told me it was going to be ok, that he was with me and so was your grandma. I feel so happy sissy.”

As my eyes filled with tears, and so did my husbands! We continued getting him ready to eat. And he continued to talk about this wonderful vision he had and singing church hymns. He eat all his breakfast that morning and even went out side for awhile and he had a wonderful day that day. soon after that he went down hill very fast and passed away from this earth to be in his perfect heaven with his beautiful wife. And all because of that vision it was so much easier to say good bye to him when it came time. I knew in my heart that he was the happiest he had been in years, since my grandmother had passed. And I also knew that he was in Heaven and was taken care of by the best.

This was the happy memory that this mornings view from my room brought.


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