Back To Gardening…

Last we spoke I had taken my veggies from the quick sprout to the containers…. I now have plants popping up and I am so excited! It has been raining and a cold front came threw so I have not gotten my Garden tilled yet, but that’s okay because I will have nice strong plants to set out when I do. I have how ever gotten started on my back flower garden, it had not been cleaned out in a few years because of lack of time because of work. It had tons of over growth and was in the existing plants where in bad need of grooming. My son helped me and it looks amazing now. He got my grandmothers rose bush back up on the latter so it can clime for me, and cleared out all the bushes so I can plant some more flowers in that cute little garden. My grandmother planted all the plants that are in there now and I want to add to that with my daughter and keep the tradition going.

I want to move some of them around now because the have grown so big they need to be moved to the back. and I am spreading out the ground cover that she planted in there and moving the irises back so they can expand and grow into more, because those things will multiply like crazy if you feed and take care of them properly. We will cover that more later.

Since I am putting in a rock walk way to the pool, I want to add some rock to the garden to blend them all in well. The walk way will be about a foot out from the flower bed, and my plan there is to use those awesome new garden rocks that glow at night. I want the blue ones so it looks like a stream leading to the pool. Very excited for that project to be completed. But because I do it on a budget, and free mostly… that means it may take this year and next to get it done…. but the final project will be so well worth it.

for today’s plan I am off to move some plants and get some work done in the yard before it rains again, moving plants after a rain is so easy… its a little cheat I use. Now that I know how to add pics to my blogs I will have some pictures on tonights blog of the progress. Have a great day. God bless and enjoy some earth today.

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