Love Is Class, How Much Do You Have? A short story of two heroes on a sidewalk – by Sean Smith

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Love Is Class, How Much Do You HaveWe sat watching from the Starbucks window.

It was November 12th, 2013. It was 37º outside, with intense wind whipping through the glass jungle that is Manhattan.

A man down on his luck on the streets of NYC sat his bag down on the ground, took off his jacket, laid it down, and wrapped the leash to his dog’s collar around the fence, bringing him over to sit warmly on the jacket, rather than the concrete.

The man then reached inside his bag, pulling out a sign that read “Down on luck! Spare a buck?” and propped it up on a large water bottle, but not before emptying half of the bottle in to a cup for the dog to drink as he picked a book from his bag to read.

I sat guilty behind the window in warm comfort sipping my coffee as I watched enamored by the different…

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