Why does Love have to hurt so bad?

Why is some thing that is meant to be such a wonderful experience, the most painful experience as well? Love is suppose to be patient and kind. and forgiving and forever and all that jazz right?

Well I am here to tell you that it is not all sunshine and roses! LOVE has hurt me worst than any pain I have ever felt in my life! Now I have felt the wonders of it as well in my life don’t get it twisted…. But the pain it has caused has far surpassed that long ago.

The first thing I learned years ago is that love is not forever…. no matter how much a person tells you that, unless they are your mother….. its not forever!

and the whole kind thing…. well love is kind as long as you are giving of the same love…. if that love is one sided or one loves the other more…. the kind thing goes right out the window. I have had men that have told me in one breath how much they loved me, and said the worst most hurtful things to me with the next breath. so kind… maybe at times…

Forgiving!! now that’s a good one! when you are forgiving of a person you are suppose to let it go. When God forgives you he does not remind you of what he forgave you for every time you are bad! No, he let’s it go. That”s how forgiveness works.

These are of course my life experience’s that have jaded me, I am sure we all have our own opinion of that. but in my own personal experience and opinion about love is it is the most painful thing I have ever done in my life.And on that note, I am going to try and forget the fact that I am in love and in pain….. and find some happiness out of this wonderful day that God has blessed me with,

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