anxiety awareness day… its real…. and it is hard to live with…..


Today I just had to write about Anxiety how hard it is on people who suffer from it and hopeful raise the awareness of just how REAL anxiety and panic attacks are.

I suffer from Anxiety and panic attacks along with a host of other problems, and last night I had a full blown panic attack. I won’t go into what it was over. But it was a bad one… Thought I was going to die right there. And then that’s when it happened again… I hear from someone beside me…..” This is just drama… she has to be faking this…. no one just has a panic attack out of no where”!!!!! I could not believe my ears! This was coming from someone who claims to love me. And who has heard straight from the doctor and psychiatrist just how real my problems are.

So this just goes to show you that no matter what people are always going to think on some level that you are faking your symptoms, and it can not be as bad as you think,,,,, blah blah blah!!

Well I am here to tell you fellow anxiety suffers……. it is real, your pain is felt, and do all you can to learn what your triggers are and avoid them. Because the damage it does to your body is real as well. DO NOT let anyone tell you its not real, or its all in your head…. you know what it is, and you know how real it is. so learn about it, learn how to control and avoid it when possible. and don’t listen to the nah Sayers because it will only make you worst, not better. seek help and support. and avoid the people who refuse to recognize anxiety as an issue, and who tell you its all in your head because you will start to believe them and then you will really be suffering because your anxiety will go threw the roof again. Take care of you and blow off what others say. Even if it is the last person you ever expected to hear that from… walk away and deal with your health for you.

just had to get that out today!

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