10 Relationship Tests Every Couple Faces Before They Can Know If They’ll Make It Long-term

Thought Catalog

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1. When one of you is forced to eat humble pie.

No one likes to swallow their pride and admit fault, but we’re all wrong on occasion. The thing is, when you care about someone a lot, you’ll manage to do this more easily, so your ability to suck it up and apologize to the person you’re dating is a critical test of relationship strength. Whether you’re proven incorrect after making a gentleman’s bet about how old Justin Bieber is, or you do something royally fucked up, your approach to ‘I’m sorry’ is a reflection of your connection with the person you’re saying it to.

2. When something weird happens during sex.

So many things can go wrong during sex. Condoms break, women queaf, and fingers sometimes slip into unintended orifices. Until you’ve been seeing each other long enough to know the ins and outs of each other’s…

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