Container Gardening Adds Function and Style

DIY April

container-garden4Mary Lou Havener got my attention with the mojito herb (more on that later). She’s a professional gardener… the go to lady in my area.

She has decades of experience and an infectious passion for plants.

“I always tell people, before you really start a huge in-ground garden, start with container gardening,” said Havener.

Container gardening is exploding as people want to eat more organic foods. Plus, you can do a container garden anywhere!

I had a wonderful time picking Mary Lou’s brain on how to get started.

“Like anything else, you have to create time. It has to become part of your daily routine. But, it’s not a hindrance. It’s a joy.”

Now, what to buy first…

“For a beginner, go to the store and buy a good potting soil.”

Read the label to check out what is used for fertilizer. If you want to go organic, that’ll be…

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