Boiling Water weeding

Last evening I spent pouring 5 pots of boiling water on the weeds in my front flower bed. It rained shortly after so I am not sure it worked yet. and it’s still raining so I will find out as soon as I can from the porch it seems to have browned them and they are for sure laying down. so I am hoping to be able to walk out there and just pluck them roots and all from the ground and magically have a pretty bed to put some pretty flowers. Do you think it will work that way? haha I am hoping…..

I am not quite sure what to plant up front just yet, I am thinking hostas and some room for some pretty low lying flowers also. But I am going to do some research and a lay out today. I waited to late for most seeds but my vegetable garden took priority this year with the pocket book being as it is. and by the time I am ready to plant in the flower beds I can get the discounted plants from the nursery’s and garden centers.

now I am off to get some gardening done. I will take any ides on flowers for the front to. it is the walk way to my front door so nothing that draws bees or attacks bugs of any kind. and low lying is best so I can show case my porch.


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