Southern Sunday In The South….. Garden Planning

Today is going to be a true southern Sunday in the France house. We woke up late, kids are still asleep…. we are being lazy…. because of a late Saturday night with friends…….And the only thing I plan to do today…. is what ever crosses my mind and my body agrees… other wise, it’s lazy day!!

I will how ever take advantage of the down time and plan out the lay out of the garden since it will be going in this week. It is the last week I can plant and hope for a good harvest.

When you plan out your garden there are a few things you want to keep in mind. One being the spacing of your plants. This is the most important so you know how big or how small to plant your garden and keep in mind what plants that you plant will need space for some thing to grown on. Tomatoes need some kind of support or cage around them, and cucumbers need something to grown on. Keeping your squash in tomato cages will save space in your garden as well and make them easier to harvest as well. All of these plants require that you space them a specific amount of space between them and some plants grow and produce better if you plant them next to each other. I have included some handy websites that will help you with the companion planting…

once you have your space and companions then you can plan out the perfect garden.

there are a few other things to keep in mind, such as how easy you  make each plant to access. And how easy you make keeping weeds out of your vegie plants…… taking care of your plants after you plant them is very important. It takes time and dedication. Or you will waste more than you harvest. I will also include some diy garden plans that I found helpful over the years.

Now go have a great day panning your garden.

I hope these help you as much as they did me….


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