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This is my new writing desk.  I ordered this desk two months ago.  It finally arrived in a giant, heavy, cardboard box and needing assembly, for my new, empty until today, writing room.

As small as this seems in the grand scheme of all things, it’s huge for me.

For the last 9 years I’ve been writing on either the dining room table (taking my computer down and storing it during holidays when I needed the table) or in a spare room on a bedside table barely big enough for the computer and keyboard and where I used the bed behind me as my credenza (which I also had to pack up and put away when we had houseguests).

Now I have a desk.  A desk!  A real desk.  With 2 skinny drawers for pens and notes and old photos and plain M&Ms.  And my new desk is…

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The Best Weed Killer And Oldest weed killer, Put To The Test!

So today I will start on the front flower beds for the first time in years…. needless to say right now they are growing some of the prettiest grass you ever seen…..

My grand mother used to use this flower bed as the one she would change every year, I do not prefer to have those kinds of beds…. I like the ones I can plant once and every spring the come back pretty as you please and I have to do nothing but keep them feed and happy. Makes life much easier, since I will have to be going back to work soon.

but I can remember well her wedding it every spring for the first time, and all she would use is boiling hot water. It kills all the existing grass, and weeds and then she would come thru and plant with ease…. so I am going to put it to the test this year. I have always pulled the weeds, and with age my back has gotten worst and I am looking for much easier ways to do such back breaking task as wedding the flower beds.

off to get started, happy gardening friends

Container Gardening Adds Function and Style

DIY April

container-garden4Mary Lou Havener got my attention with the mojito herb (more on that later). She’s a professional gardener… the go to lady in my area.

She has decades of experience and an infectious passion for plants.

“I always tell people, before you really start a huge in-ground garden, start with container gardening,” said Havener.

Container gardening is exploding as people want to eat more organic foods. Plus, you can do a container garden anywhere!

I had a wonderful time picking Mary Lou’s brain on how to get started.

“Like anything else, you have to create time. It has to become part of your daily routine. But, it’s not a hindrance. It’s a joy.”

Now, what to buy first…

“For a beginner, go to the store and buy a good potting soil.”

Read the label to check out what is used for fertilizer. If you want to go organic, that’ll be…

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