11 Life Lessons From An Almost 30-Something

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1. Start saving money as soon as you start making it. Stop reading this and open up a Roth IRA right now. Contribute whatever you can on a weekly basis. Or put a reminder in your phone to take some cash out of the ATM every Friday and keep it in your sock drawer. Do something. Save something.

2. Your parents won’t always know what’s best for you. And that’s okay. I call my Mom every single morning on my way to work and my Dad on the way home. At 29, I still run most of my big life choices by them, but I don’t always agree with their point of view. It’s okay to make decisions for yourself.

3. People change their minds about love. I’ve had two men tell me they’d love me forever, that I was “it” for them. In that moment, I believe…

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