23 Truths About Life That Can Set You Free

great read to end the night. Love it…

Thought Catalog

Ivan KrukIvan Kruk

1. Your bank account or physical attributes say nothing about your character. There is nothing inherently moral about whether you have money or not, whether you work out or not, what you eat or don’t eat.

2. The only thing that matters is the purity of your heart. You may think people see your “things” or your body or your face, but what they really see is your soul. A lot of people have closed their eyes to the soul, though.

3. You do not deserve the love of another person. That, you do have to earn. You must give and give and give love without entitlement. Pick the person who gives back without making you feel as though you are striving, constantly, for more.

4. You do, however, deserve your own love. You deserve to give yourself happiness and joy, in whatever form that materializes for you…

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